At Stick Leg Ranch we love our meat and we love feeding people good food!  We can't promise exact cuts, but we will always get you your moneys worth.  We will have some pork available soon and as a Farm club member you can request it as part of your meat box first before anyone else gets their hands on it!

Our Farm Club subscription boxes are the perfect for you if you love good meat to and never want to think about what to buy when.  

We have a few options for you to pick just need to figure our what will fit your lifestyle best.  

We have our classic Ground Beef Stock-up box.  For those who love our Grass-fed dry aged gourd beef.  Its perfect for all the taco nights and burger cook-outs.  You can choose between the Small and Large (10lbs - 20lbs).  

Another box is our Ranchers Choice box.  This box has some of the classics.  Always come with cuts of beef you are familiar roasts, ground beef and a premium steak.  It also comes with some fun new cuts of meat that you might not have tried before like our short ribs, cube steaks, beef shanks, etc. We have 2 sizes for you to choose from depending on your family size...our original size and a smaller one (~20lbs and ~12lbs)

Next up is a Family Meat box.  If you are like me, my family eats ground beef or roast 80% of the time!  They are easy, they feed a lot of mouth and they are diverse.  This box has has both...what more do you need!  And if you follow me you will see so ideas to use both. Again we have 2 sizes to help fit your needs.  (~10lb, ~15lb ~20lb)

And last is the box of PREMIUMS! This is for the BBQ gurus! If your diet consists of Ribeyes this is the box for you! (And this isn't a joke...I have a customer who's diet consists of steaks!) There are plenty of premium cuts of meat, including steaks, griller steaks, briskets, and more! 


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