Our Bulk Meat is a great option if you are locked in to our amazing Regeneratively Raised Grass-Finished Beef and Pasture Raised Pork. The bulk meat options allow you to have a continuous flow of meat for your everyday meals.

When you become a member of our Farm Club you get first pick of our favorite cuts, reduced shipping, and hassle free monthly order and delivery. You are able to add on, change or cancel your order at any time.

When you purchase our Whole, Half, Quarter, Eighth Beef or Whole or Half Pork you get every cut from the animal at a very discounted price!  Because we like to keep our price point on this option razor sharp no discounts can apply. If you are planning to ship this product additional shipping cost will apply, as it takes a large number boxes to ship that level of meat and there is no room to absorb shipping costs at that price.

We know you will enjoy whatever you choose, and please contact us with further questions.

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