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Our ALL PORK FARM CLUB BOX provides premium pasture raised pork with 12 and 18 pound bundles for worry-free delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months. Enjoy all your favorite pork cuts, from chops and bacon to roasts and ribs.

The 9 lb box comes with about 2 lbs of chops, 3 lbs of roast, and 4 lbs of breakfast sausage, ground, ribs, steaks, bacon. 

The 15 lb box comes with about 3 lbs of chops, 3 lbs of roast, and 5 lbs of breakfast sausage and ground, 4 lbs or ribs, ham steaks, pork steaks, bacon.

The 19 lb box comes with 4 lbs of chops, 5 lbs of roast, 9 lbs of sausage, ground, steaks, bacon, and ribs

Cut List

  • Pork Chops
  • Pork Roast
  • Ground Pork
  • Bacon
  • Sage Breakfast Sausage
  • Red-Mountain Breakfast Sausage
  • Andouille Sausage (Brats)
  • Italian Sausage
  • Ham Steaks (when in stock)
  • Shoulder Steaks
  • Ribs (Baby Back, Spare, or Country Style)
  • Pork and Beef brats (Griz, Keibasa, Garlic Keibasa)
  • Pork and Beef Hot Dogs


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