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Stew Meat or Kabob Meat...or whatever you would need chunks of pre-cut meat for Meat.  It is so tender and will melt in your mouth when cooked slow and low in a stew.  But we love to marinate it and put it with our favorite vegetables on the grill.  Whatever the use it is always handy to have a package of this around for a cold winter stew or a fun summer BBQ!

Its packaged in 1lb packages


If you are building your own meat box please select 10-20 lbs of meat.  The boxes will generally fit up to 20 lbs of meat with enough dry ice to keep it frozen.  Any less than 10 lbs is hard to ship at this time due to packaging sizes.   In order to get you the best shipping rates keep the order within the 10-20 lb range!  If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments sections and we will get in touch with you.


  • 100% Raised in Montana Beef
  • Grass-fed and Grass-finished
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • USDA Inspected and Labeled
  • Vacuum-Sealed Packaging
  • Pasture Raise on Our Ranch

If you are planning on pick-up your order from us at of our pick-up locations (the ranch, Conrad, Shelby, Cut Bank, Valier, or direct from the butcher) enter the code LOCALPICKUP for a discounted price.

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