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Tri tip is great for the smoker.  It is going to be one of the most flavorful cuts of beef you will try.  It has a lot of names...such as a Newport Steak, Canta Maria steak, California Cut, and even the "poor mans brisket".  But it is so good and so tasty.  Use a meat thermometer for the best results, aiming for an internal temp of 125-130 and then let rest in some tinfoil for the perfect juiciness and tenderness.

As Always our beef is raised from start to finish right here on our ranch.

  • 100% Raised in Montana Beef
  • Hay/Grass-fed and finished
  • Never any steroids
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • USDA Inspected and Labeled
  • Vacuum-Sealed Packaging
  • Pasture Raise on Our Ranch

If you are planning on pick-up your order from us at of our pick-up locations (the ranch, Conrad, Shelby, Cut Bank, Valier, or direct from the butcher) enter the code LOCALPICKUP for a discounted price.

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